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March Past

March past competition is one of surf lifesaving’s great traditional events. The event allows club members of all ages and fitness levels to train and compete. March past is a qualitatively judged event, which makes it very technical to coach. March Past has been one of surf life saving’s truly iconic events since the 1919-20 season when it was first introduced. In this year there were 20-member teams (two lines and a surf reel with teams in their respective team colours). The event has continued for 100 years, changing little except for the team formation, down from 20 members to 12 in the early 1950s, and inclusion of female members in the early 1980s. The Grand Parade has been voted one of the most successful and popular publicly watched events in the history of SLSA competition. March Past competition provides a platform for discipline and club spirit within the Australian surf club fraternity, consolidating its long and successful history and future.


The Standard Bearer - Carries the teams standard (flag) and leads the march.

The Belt Person - Follows the standard bearer ahead of the reel squad.

The Reel Squad - Consists of four people positioned on the outside of each handle to act as reel carriers and two files either side of the reel carriers.

The Ranks - Formed behind the reel squad by four ranks covering off the rear reel carriers and the outside files

Marching Technicalities

1. Time and Step

2. Arm Swing

3. Wheeling

4. Leg Action

5. Spacing and Dressing

6. Covering

7. Body Carriage/Presentation

8. Length of Pace

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