What is Nippers?

Junior Activities is an integral part of our club and surf lifesaving. Our nippers provide the next generation of patrolling members and through education, development and competition, but most of all fun. We hope to ensure that the goals and values of the association and the club are achieved. Junior Activities can be a very rewarding experience for the whole family. There are opportunities for children and parents to learn important Surf Life Saving skills and gain personal satisfaction through participation.

Sign On and Evaluation

Sign-on and pool proficiencies will be conducted by the club at the beginning of the season (see nipper calendar for details). Any person who cannot attend or does not pass their proficiency on these dates will have to make alternative arrangements such as have a signed time from a registered coach. Please check below for your child's date of birth to determine what age group they will be in for the 2020-2021 Season so you can determine the proficiency requirements for that age group.

U6:   1st October 2014 - 30th September 2015

U7:   1st October 2013 - 30th September 2014

U8:   1st October 2012 - 30th September 2013

U9:   1st October 2011 - 30th September 2012

U10: 1st October 2010 - 30th September 2011

U11: 1st October 2009 - 30th September 2010

U12: 1st October 2008 - 30th September 2009

U13: 1st October 2007 - 30th September 2008

U14: 1st October 2006 - 30th September 2007

Most Improved

A perpetual trophy is awarded to the nipper in the club who is selected by the coaches and age managers as the most improved. This will typically be awarded to a nipper who has made greatest gain in one season, such as but not limited to, placing in a carnival championships compared with previous seasons. High attendance throughout the season will count toward this award. A nipper must be in the Club greater than 12 months to be eligible for this award. 

Encouragement Award

A trophy is awarded to the nipper in the Club who is selected by the coaches and age managers as having displayed a positive attitude and tried hard all year but was not able to place in carnivals or Club Championships. High attendance throughout the season will count toward this award.

Top Point Scorer

A trophy is awarded to the nipper in the Club who has accumulated the highest points at the end of the season across attendance and results at Club Championships.

Carnival Competitor

A trophy is awarded to the nipper in the Club who excels at nipper carnivals. This will typically be awarded to a nipper that competes in many carnivals, places in carnivals or qualifies for state qualification.

Champion Life Saver

A trophy is awarded to an Under 14 in the  club who has demonstrated the physical, theoretical & patrolling skills required of a lifesaver. To be eligible for this trophy the junior must have attained their Surf rescue Certificate. Points for the trophy will be awarded based on competing in the Champion Lifesaver day run at Miami Beach SLSC. In the event that this day is not run, participation in other Champion Lifesaver carnivals and the number of patrol hours accumulated after club designated U14 SRC exam date will count. 

Junior Club Championships

The Club Championships will be held in stages over one scheduled Sunday towards the end of the season – See calendar for details. Events will be run where conditions allow. A second “back up” date has been allocated should all events not be completed on the original Club Championship date. Where conditions at Miami Beach do not allow events to be run on the second “back up” date an alternate location (eg lake or creek) will be selected and the championships transferred to this location. Club Championships are run similar to a carnival. While all children can participate in club championships, to be eligible for Age Champion they must have attained their age award and they must have attended at least 60% of scheduled nipper days. Age Champion is awarded to the nipper who accumulates the highest points from attendance and Club Championships. Points for Club Championships are awarded as follows:

1st Place: 6 points

2nd Place: 5 points

3rd Place: 4 points

4th Place: 3 points

5th Place: 2 points

6th Place: 1 points

Attendance points will be awarded for each attendance on a scheduled nipper activity. Attendance at carnivals will also be counted. Only one attendance point is available each weekend. In the event that Miami Beach SLSC hosts a carnival that is not open to all age groups and normal junior activities are not conducted that weekend, a point will be awarded to juniors that turn up and assist in running the carnival. In the event of bad weather, a decision will be made, in the morning prior for juniors, to proceed as normal or not.

The following events will be contested for Club Championships:

Under 6's & 7's: Flags, Sprints, Marathon, Wade

Under 8's: Flags, Sprints, Marathon, Wade, Board

Under 9's & 10's: Flags, Sprints, Marathon, Wade, Swim, Board

Under 11's-14's: Flags, Sprints, Marathon, Swim, Board, Iron Person

Season Awards