Member of the Month April 2021

Wrapping up member of the month for the patrolling season is a gentleman who has contributed numerous hours which will never go unrecognised. His name, Mick Fields. In his 20 years here at Miami, Mick has sat on the Management Committee twice as club secretary and held the position of First Aid officer for many seasons. His contributions have seen him awarded the Bruce Gigler and Volunteer of the year in seasons past. Mick’s efforts as First Aid officer has continually ensured the First Aid room and equipment is stocked and ready to go for patrols. Most mornings you would find him happily working away with the radio cranked up. This saw Miami awarded 100% for the First Aid inspection. The end of the patrol season was not the end for Mick. As the IRB season rolled around, he would don the Team Managers shirt. A mammoth effort to ensure boats were on the line, patients were marshalled, and teams were on the line. On an average day, he would clock up 10km. A feat that has seen Mick awarded Team Manager of the year for the last four seasons straight. The IRB Racing Team is lucky to have you Mick. Mick’s talents are endless, and he loves a good chat. Congratulations and we look forward to your continued involvement at Miami! It seems fitting that this concludes the final piece for member of the month as a new venture begins July 1st, stay tuned!


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