Member of the Month December 2020

Keep your dogs on leads folks, our final member of the month for 2020 needs little introduction, congratulations Mick Hayes. Mick has been an amazing asset to the club, stepping up to the role of Deputy President in the 2019 season. He joined Miami in 2009 with his son Joe however his lifesaving journey began several years earlier at South West Rocks. It’s amazing to look at the records and see just how involved Mick has been. Most notably he spent countless years as an age manager for the SRC graduates of 2017, then took on the mantle of patrol captain a season later. Sticking with his age group, Mick assisted them in training to gain both their Bronze Medallion and IRB Crew awards where he found his passion to become a trainer. Safe to say, after gaining the qualifications to become a probationary trainer and dealing with the nightmare of completing an absurd amount of paperwork, he’s finally there. Walking of the beach, you’ll still find Mick in the same boat, a jack of all trades. As our valued safety officer, he ensures that nothing is subpar. Not only does Mick come up with innovative solutions but provides his expertise and time to the club at no cost. From the installation of the surfboard racks, to the repair of the yellow box trailer, to the painting of the training room cupboards or the tiling in the supporter’s kitchen, just to name a few. Congratulations Mick and thank you for your hard work and dedication to our club!


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