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Surf Rescue Event Categories

Champion Life Saver

This event provides an individual the opportunity to demonstrate their physical and mental skills required to be a life saver. The skills include a life saving questionnaire, resuscitation, surf race, surf board race, beach sprint and a rescue tube race. A point score based on the results achieved determines the winner.

Patrol Competition

The aim of the patrol competition is to demonstrate how surf life savers work as a team in performing some or all skills associated with surf rescue patrol work. Team members in the patrol competition must be from the same club. The patrol competition includes a number of physical skills, practical and theory tasks involving racing, rescue and/or first aid situations.

First Aid Competition

The first aid competition is a team event, and is conducted with a set simulated accident scenario and a time limit for each team. The time limit is advised prior to the commencement of competition. Judging is based on SLS First Aid standards.

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